Virginia CDBG Planning Grants

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

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DHCD offers planning grants through the CDBG program to increase the potential for project success and impact. These grants aid in developing clearly articulated strategies for addressing a locality’s greatest community development needs following meaningful citizen participation. Planning grant funding totaling $700,000 is available for 2021.

Planning Grants are available for needs analysis and prioritization, preliminary design, and strategy development activities in preparation for a future Community Improvement Grant application. DHCD reserves the option of awarding additional Planning Grant funding in excess of this limit for projects which are particularly innovative, challenging, or costly. All Planning Grant activities must be conducted with maximum participation of residents, potential beneficiaries, stakeholders, and local leaders. The locality’s highest community development needs should be prioritized after gathering input from citizens and other stakeholders.

Eligible Recipients:

Local Government

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Non-entitlement (CDBG) units of local government.

Eligible Purpose:

Broadband Development Planning

Eligible Purpose Detail:

This CDBG program funds eligible units of local government for planning and implementation projects, which target “last mile” installation of broadband (i.e.; no long-haul backbone systems will be installed with CDBG funds). Construction funding must be a part of a larger community comprehensive development project.

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