Virginia CDBG Community Improvement Grants

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Program Type:


Eligible Geography:



CDBG Community Improvement Grants are competitive grants, which aid eligible localities in implementing projects that will most directly impact the greatest needs of the community. There are five primary project types under this funding source: comprehensive community development, business district revitalization, housing, community facility (infrastructure) and community service facility.

Localities with potential projects that have activities applicable to more than one of these project types should contact DHCD for technical assistance.

Eligible Recipients:

Local Government

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Non-entitlement (CDBG) units of local government.

Eligible Purpose:

Building Infrastructure; Last Mile Infrastructure

Eligible Purpose Detail:

This CDBG program funds eligible units of local government for planning and implementation projects, which target “last mile” installation of broadband (i.e.; no long-haul backbone systems will be installed with CDBG funds). Construction funding must be a part of a larger community comprehensive development project.

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