Tennessee Broadband Ready Communities

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, Tennessee Broadband Initiative

Program Type:

Designated Broadband Ready Community

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(a)(1) A political subdivision may apply to the department of economic and community development for designation as a "broadband ready community" pursuant to guidelines established by the department. The guidelines for designation must include a requirement that the political subdivision has adopted an efficient and streamlined ordinance or policy for reviewing applications and issuing permits related to projects relative to broadband services. The ordinance or policy must contain the following:
(A) A single point of contact for all matters related to a project;
(B) A provision that all applications related to a project will be reviewed and either approved or denied within thirty (30) business days after the application is submitted; and
(C) An authorization that all forms, applications, and documentation related to a project may be signed by electronic means, where possible.]

(2) A political subdivision shall not be designated a broadband ready community if the ordinance or policy:
(A) Requires an applicant to designate a final contractor to complete a project;
(B) lmposes an unreasonable fee for reviewing an application or issuing a permit for a project. A fee that exceeds one hundred dollars ($1OO) is unreasonable for the purposes of this section;
(C) lmposes a seasonal moratorium on the issuance of permits for projects; or
(D) Discriminates among communications services providers or utilities with respect to any action related to a broadband project, including granting access to public rights-of-way, infrastructure and poles, and any other physical assets owned or controlled by the political subdivision

Eligible Recipients:

Local Government

Eligible Recipients Detail:

County or other Political Subdivision

Eligible Purpose:

Designated Broadband Ready Community

Eligible Purpose Detail:

Political subdivisions may submit documentation to request designation as a broadband ready community pursuant to Public Chapter 228, 4-3-709.

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