Rural Broadband Communication Services

Maryland General Assembly, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

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Maryland Bill 2018 Session HB 961 requires the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to complete an inventory and map of all State and local government assets that can be used to assist with the expansion of broadband service to unserved and underserved areas of the State by June 1, 2020. The bill also (1) specifies that nonprofit telecommunications services providers in rural and underserved areas of the State must be allowed to use the right-of-way or easement of specified State agencies for the installation of broadband communication infrastructure without being charged to do so and (2) repeals the termination date of Chapter 269 of 2006

Eligible Recipients:

Non-Profit Organization; Local Government

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Nonprofit telecommunications services providers.

Eligible Purpose:

Last Mile Infrastructure; Middle Mile Infrastructure; Backbone Infrastructure

Eligible Purpose Detail:

Access to public rights of way to install broadband infrastructure. Maintain an inventory of such sites to assist with development.