Public Housing Neighborhood Networks Program

Department of Housing and Urban Development, Public and Indian Housing

Program Type:


Eligible Geography:



Neighborhood Networks (Public and Indian Housing) allows Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to use Public Housing Capital and Operating funds to establish and operate Neighborhood Networks centers. Neighborhood Networks centers provide access to computers, computer training and the Internet. Neighborhood Networks centers can also provide a wide range of services to help residents achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency. There are no current grants or funding allocated for this program.

Eligible Recipients:

Anchor Institution

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Public Housing Authorities

Eligible Purpose:

Digital Skills Training; Anchor Institution Infrastructure; Broadband Enabled Devices

Eligible Purpose Detail:

Capital Funds may be used for the establishment and initial operation of a NN computer center for such things as:

-Equipment and equipment upgrades;
-Internet connection and utilities;
-Space renovation/remodeling (including accessibility improvements);
-Routers for individual units;
-Initial staff salary; and
-Initial insurance costs.

Operating Funds may be used for the ongoing operation of an NN computer center, including:

-Ongoing maintenance of in-unit routers;
-Other expenses related to the computer center;
-Staff salaries; and
-Internet connection fees and utilities for the NN center.