North Carolina Regulations Governing Municipal Broadband –

North Carolina Legislature

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Eligible Geography:

North Carolina


According to North Carolina Statutes Chapter 160A, Article 16A, public-owned telecommunications ventures must:

-Limit the provision of communications service to within the corporate limits of the city providing the communications service.
-A city shall not incur debt for the purpose of constructing a communications system without first holding a special election under G.S. 163-297 on the question of whether the city may provide communications service.
-Shall not price any communications service below the cost of providing the service, including any direct or indirect subsidies received by the city-owned communications service provider and allocation of costs associated with any shared use of buildings, equipment, vehicles, and personnel with other city departments.
-Shall provide nondiscriminatory access to private communications service provider

Public ventures are only allowed to operate in unserved areas. Prior to undertaking to construct a communications network for the provision of communications service, a city shall first solicit proposals from private business

Eligible Recipients:

Internet Service Provider; Local Government

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Public-Owned Broadband

Eligible Purpose:

Last Mile Infrastructure; Middle Mile Infrastructure

Eligible Purpose Detail:

Municipal broadband financing and operations.