Georgia CDBG Innovative Grant Program

Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Community Development Block Grant Program


The goal of DCA is to provide financial resources to communities who have developed plans that will create transformational change within the community upon the plan’s implementation. To support transformational change, funds will be set-aside from FFY2019 and FFY2020 at $2,000,000 each to capitalize the Innovative Grant. DCA reserves the right to fund, in whole or in part, any, all, or none of the applications submitted. The Innovative Grant Program requires that applicants submit preliminary applications (pre-applications.) This pre-application process will allow applicants and DCA to assess the potential competitiveness of a proposed project prior to initiating the sometimes expensive and time consuming process of developing a full application.

Eligible Recipients:

Local Government

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Eligible applicants for funding under Georgia's CDBG programs are units of general-purpose local government. Excluded are metropolitan cities, urban counties and other units of government eligible to participate in HUD's entitlement programs for urban counties, or metropolitan cities.

Eligible Purpose:

Last Mile Infrastructure; Building Infrastructure; General Infrastructure

Eligible Purpose Detail:

This grant supports transformational projects that support long-term, systemic and sustainable change that increases the economic mobility of low income persons. An example given with broadband was:

Deployment of broadband services throughout portions of the community to support educational, health care, employment/economic development and/or other initiatives that currently limit quality of life and opportunities for low-and-moderate income persons, providing the opportunity to improve the standard of living for community residents.

Other Eligibility Criteria:

Non-entitlement areas

Funding Match/Terms:

The minimum match requirement is 15% of the amount of the grant request. A $2,000,000 award will have a $300,000 match. A $1,000,000 award will have a $150,000 match.

Note/Additional Resources: