Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program

Department of Agriculture, Rural Housing Service

Program Type:

Loan Guarantee

Eligible Geography:



The maximum amount of a guaranteed loan is $100 million. Each year the Agency will reserve funds for projects located in rural areas with a population of not more than 20,000 inhabitants based on the following reservation of funds schedule:

100% of the first $200,000,000 made available
50% of the next $200,000,000 made available
25% of all amounts exceeding $400,000,000 made available

Eligible Recipients:

Financial Institution

Eligible Recipients Detail:

Financial Institutions servicing Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program loans

Eligible Purpose:

Anchor Institution Infrastructure

Eligible Purpose Detail:

This program provides loan guarantees to eligible private lenders to help build essential community facilities in rural areas.

Essential community facilities include: health care facilities; public safety facilities; transportation facilities; education or cultural facilities; Utility projects when not eligible for Rural Utilities Service financing; Telecommunications end-user equipment when related to public safety, medical, or educational telecommunication links when not available for Rural Utilities Service financing; water infrastructure facilities; renewable energy systems; industrial park site infrastructure; community parks/activity centers

Other Eligibility Criteria:

Rural areas with less than 50,000 residents according to the latest U.S. Census data; An essential community facility is defined as a facility that provides an essential service to the local community for the orderly development of the community in a primarily rural area, and does not include private, commercial or business undertakings.