Utah Residential Broadband Map

Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development

Covered Geography:


Geography Type:

Census Block

Mapped Portion of Network:

Broadband Availability; Socioeconomics

Map Description:

This map depicts Census block level data on block population and available providers, including the provider name and their max download/upload speeds. The map also allows the user to filter broadband access by minimum available download/upload speeds, technology type.

Coverage Definition:

Broadband coverage data is provided by Internet Service Providers and verified by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center

Collection Method:

All broadband mapping data is sourced directly from a broadband provider, or from working directly with a provider.

Wireless broadband internet data is mapped using coverage area footprints derived from analyzing antennae location, signal strength and terrain. Wireline broadband internet data is mapped using provider reported availability footprints in developed areas.

Once a provider’s broadband coverage is initially mapped, data updates take several forms including GIS files, written descriptions, provider created maps as well as verbal and written discussions.