SC broadband Mapping

South Carolina Office of Regulatroy Staff

Covered Geography:

South Carolina

Geography Type:

Structure Level

Mapped Portion of Network:

Last Mile Connectivity

Map Description:

This map depicts, at the structure level, structures that require broadband, and areas that do not require broadband service, according to South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) data. Structure-Level data includes information on download speed tier (<1 Mbps, <25 Mbps, <100 Mbps, <1 Gbps, >1 Gbps), number of available Internet Service Providers at broadband speeds, and areas served and unserved by broadband (25/3 Mbps download/upload).

Coverage Definition:

The ORS has provided a more precise picture of availability than the approach taken by the FCC. The South Carolina Broadband Map uses broadband provider data that was provided to show each home or business that is actually “served” or “unserved” in the state.

In areas without additional detail, the map uses the FCC definition for broadband coverage: A Census Block has Broadband Coverage if at least one Internet Service Provider is “providing [broadband] or could …without an extraordinary commitment of resources provide broadband service to an area.”

Collection Method:

The map includes broadband provider data submitted to the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) combined with availability data from the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Form 477 data.