North Carolina Broadband Adoption Potential Index

North Carolina Broadband Infrastructure Office

Covered Geography:

North Carolina

Geography Type:

Census Tract; County

Mapped Portion of Network:

Broadband Adoption; Broadband Availability; Socioeconomics

Map Description:

Map that Indexes FCC Form 477 data on broadband availability to Census American Community Survey data on broadband adoption potential. Data points include the % Broadband Subscription; % of Population Ages 18-34; % of Population with a Bachelor's Degree or More; % of Households with Children; % of Population Ages 65 and over; % of Households with No Internet Access; % of Households with No Computer Devices; % Poverty; % Population with Disability; and the % Limited English.

Coverage Definition:

The North Carolina Broadband Indices are two unique measures designed to create a more accurate picture of the state’s broadband access, adoption and the resulting digital divide.

Because broadband access and adoption are both important but distinct from each other, two indices, which can be applied at the county- and census-tract levels, have been designed:

-Broadband Availability and Quality Index
-Broadband Adoption Potential Index

Together, 19 variables – eight in broadband availability and 11 in broadband adoption – make up the indices, which can be applied at both the county and the census-tract levels.

This data is formed by data from FCC Form 477 and Census American Community Survey.

Collection Method:

FCC Form 477 and Census American Community Survey.