Joint Overview-Established Locations

Department of Interior

Covered Geography:


Geography Type:

Census Block

Mapped Portion of Network:

Last Mile Connectivity

Map Description:

This map displays census-block level data on broadband coverage, including the count of providers, minimum available speeds, maximum available speeds, and the minimum price for broadband.

Coverage Definition:

In the case that more detailed data is not available, the map uses the FCC definition for broadband coverage: A Census Block has Broadband Coverage if at least one Internet Service Provider is “providing [broadband] or could …without an extraordinary commitment of resources provide broadband service to an area.”

Collection Method:

Most of the data used to generate the map above comes from the FCC’s Form 477 deployment information. Due to the well-documented limitations of this dataset, we have also leveraged our own extensive database of information given to us by internet providers directly or retrieved from publicly available resources, including more granular availability and pricing information.