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Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative

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Broadband Availability

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The Georgia Broadband Map project represents a location-level methodology that precisely maps the availability of broadband services to every home and business in the State, which includes all 159 counties. The map is created by overlaying: (1) all the locations of homes and businesses in the State of Georgia, and (2) broadband provider service availability for those locations within the State. There are over 5 million locations used in the mapping process. This map depicts the number of Unserved Locations, Served Locations, and the Percent of Unserved Locations by County.

Coverage Definition:

County statistics are based on a fixed, terrestrial broadband definition of 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, and where the broadband service is available to more than 80% of locations in a census block. Census blocks that did not meet this definition are delineated as 'Unserved'. The map depicts access to broadband, not subscription to broadband.

Collection Method:
β€œTo compile a comprehensive Master Address File by county, GBDI is requesting and collecting address data from local governments, property appraisers, e911 coordinators, and power companies. The address data will be geocoded for map address accuracy.”
β€œA dedicated team from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government worked for 18 months to aggregate data, develop and refine the methodology, and construct the maps. This effort would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of broadband providers. All total, 43 of 44 retail providers in the state provided data for this effort.”