Connect America Fund Phase II Accepted Areas Map

Universal Service Administration Corporation

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Broadband Availability; Funding Recipients

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Connect America Fund Phase II

Map Description:

This map identifies the areas where some of the nation's largest phone companies, also known as price cap carriers, accepted Phase II support from the FCC’s Connect America Fund to provide broadband and voice service over the next six years. The offer of Connect America Phase II model-based support was targeted to price cap areas that are high-cost, but not extremely high-cost. An area was classified as “eligible” if the average monthly cost-per-location for that census block, as calculated by the Connect America Cost Model (CAM) (version 4.3), was above the $52.50 funding benchmark but below a $198.60 extremely high cost threshold, and not served by an unsubsidized competitor, subsidized wireline competitor, or was not subject to specific types of bids in the rural broadband experiments. Eligible areas that were accepted are shown in bright green on the map. Declined funding will be made available at a future date through a competitive bidding process.

Coverage Definition:

Areas that were eligible for and where internet service providers accepted Connect America Fund Phase II fudning.

Collection Method:

Data was developed using the "Connect America Phase II - Final Eligible Areas Map", combined with data from participating ISPs that accepted CAF Phase II funds. Broadband coverage data from FCC Form 477.