Colorado Broadband Board Toolkit

Colorado Broadband Office

Covered Geography:


Geography Type:

Address; Census Block; County

Mapped Portion of Network:

Broadband Availability; Funding Eligibility; Funding Recipients; Socioeconomics

Attached Funding Opportunities:

Colorado Broadband Fund

Map Description:

This map provides actual area data for residential, commercial and community anchor institution broadband coverage, segmented by wireless and wireline technology and download speed. Download speeds are segmented into Less than 10 Mbps, Between 10 and 25 Mbps, Between 25 and 100 MBps, Between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps, and Greater than 1 Gbps. Additionally, the map shows areas that received DORA Broadband Funds, DOLA Middle Mile Infrastructure Funding, segmented into Municipal and County/Regional Projects, and areas that already deployed FCC-funded infrastructure, as well RDOF Auction 904 Winners, CAF II Auction 903 Winners, and ReConnect Award areas. The map also shows Economic DEvelopment Zones and DOLA Broadband Regions to facilitate planning.

Coverage Definition:

Actual Area Coverage provided by Internet Service Providers. This map is for planning purposes.

Collection Method:

The data is collected directly from broadband providers by the Colorado GIS Coordination and Development Program, within the Governor’s Office of Information Technology. We perform a biannual data call asking providers for updates to their coverage area and speeds. The data is then standardized, anonymized and merged into a single dataset. If we do not receive data or permission from a provider, then they will not appear on the map.