Broadband Availability, Digital Equity and COVID-19 App

Broadband USA/NTIA, the Federal Communications Commission, and ESRI

Covered Geography:


Geography Type:

Census Block; Census Tract; County

Mapped Portion of Network:

Broadband Adoption; Broadband Availability; Socioeconomics

Map Description:

This application summarizes broadband availability, adoption and school age population statistics in the context of COVID-19. The map allows the user to view the relationship between available broadband, broadband adoption and computer access, poverty and COVID-19 cases.

Coverage Definition:

A Census Block has Broadband Coverage if at least one Internet Service Provider is “providing [broadband] or could …without an extraordinary commitment of resources provide broadband service to an area.”

Collection Method:

FCC Form 477. Broadband Adoption and School Age Population Statistics from Census American Community Survey. Confirmed COVID-19 cases from Johns Hopkins University.