Auction 904 Final Eligible Areas

Federal Communications Commission

Covered Geography:


Geography Type:

Census Block

Mapped Portion of Network:

Broadband Availability; Funding Eligibility

Attached Funding Opportunities:

Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

Map Description:

This map identifies the areas that have been determined to be eligible for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction (Auction 904). In January 2020, the Commission adopted a framework for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction in which all eligible entities can bid to receive support to offer voice and broadband service meeting the Commission’s requirements for a ten-year term. On Oct. 8th, the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) and the Office of Economics and Analytics (Office), in coordination with the Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force, announced the release of final eligible census blocks including certain census blocks primarily located in price cap carrier territories that, based on June 30, 2019 Form 477 data, and a subsequent challenge process, were not served by the incumbent price cap carrier or an unsubsidized competitor with voice and broadband at speeds of 25/3 Mbps or higher. The final map also excludes areas that were awarded ReConnect grants and grant/loan combinations as identified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS).

Coverage Definition:

A Census Block has Broadband Coverage if at least one Internet Service Provider is “providing [broadband] or could …without an extraordinary commitment of resources provide broadband service to an area.”

Collection Method:

FCC Form 477.