DDAA Announces New eLearning Course for Managers



Build Support With Legislators and Decision-Makers

DDAA Announces Its Newest Free eLearning Course for Managers: Building the Case for Your Local Development District

What kind of story are you telling?

In order to serve their communities effectively over the long term, Local Development Districts must be equipped to tell the story of their local impact. Building the Case for Your Local Development District is DDAA’s new, case-based eLearning course, designed to help LDD leaders do just that.

The three-hour course introduces a toolset widely used by public-sector executives to articulate and communicate the organization’s net “good”—or public value—to constituents, decisionmakers, and funders. The framework presented here, developed by Mark Moore of Harvard Kennedy School, offers a useful model for understanding, measuring, and communicating the value an LDD brings to a region. The video-based cases included in the course demonstrate how leaders of four local development districts—each facing a major regional change or crisis—strengthened the organization by improving and advocating for the LDD’s value.

This course will help managers:

  • Identify and analyze risks and opportunities in their LDD’s current situation.
  • Plan a feasible path to increasing the value of the services they deliver.
  • Develop metrics to help them monitor, evaluate, and improve performance.
  • Demonstrate their impacts—and overall value—to those who fund and authorize them.

Course participants will be guided in crafting a public value proposition that aligns the unique needs the LDD meets in the community with capacity considerations and legitimacy-building priorities.

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