Making the Case for Your Local Development District

To serve the public well, LDDs must be able to tell the story of their local impact. This three-hour case-based course introduces LDD leaders to a framework that helps them communicate their net “good”–or¬†public value–to the constituents and local decisionmakers who fund them. The framework presented here, developed by Mark Moore of Harvard Kennedy School, offers a useful model for understanding, measuring, and communicating the value an LDD brings to a region. Cases included in the course demonstrate how leaders of four local development districts–each facing important new challenges–improved and advocated for their public value.

The course will help LDD managers:

  • Identify and analyze risks and opportunities in their LDD’s current situation.
  • Plan a feasible path to increasing the value of the services they deliver.
  • Develop metrics to help them monitor, evaluate, and improve performance.
  • Demonstrate their impacts to those who fund and authorize them.